What does this mean for the Fortnite Chapter 2 lore

What does this mean for the Fortnite Chapter 2 lore

The Slurp Legends pack is one of the only skin packs that are available through V-Bucks instead of real-world money. The skins are reactive, and change based on how much health and shield you have.

At 2,000 V-Bucks, the three skins are a pretty good deal. Apart from their reactive heads and style, however, there wasn’t anything remarkable about them – at least on the surface.

Once the trailer for the skins came out, however, a few fans noticed a small detail in the background. Take a look and see if you can spot it.

Did you see it? Once the three characters exit the Slurp tube, you can see someone pulling the levers behind them and celebrating when the experiment is a success. This person is none other than our old friend, the Chaos Agent.

What does this mean for the Fortnite Chapter 2 lore? Well, it means that the Chaos Agent is still making moves behind the scenes. He’s the assumed creator of the Sludge army, after all, and could be re-creating his original experiment with three new characters.

There are a few theories about this character floating around the internet. Most of them have fortnite v bucks generator to do with the power of Rippley and Sludge from Season 1 – some even focus on Big Chuggus.

I look back at the Chapter 1 storyline – specifically, the role of The Visitor. Most fans assumed that he was a villain in Chapter 1, but he ended up being somewhat of a hero. The same could be true with the Chaos Agent in Chapter 2.

Instead of a villain, the Chaos Agent could be a character who, simply, knows more than the rest of the characters in the chapter. He could even be one of the Seven, waiting to be revealed.

We don’t know much about the overarching plot of Fortnite Chapter 2, but the Chaos Agent has been a consistent player. We’ll likely see more of him as the chapter chugs along – pun intended.