You thought you were done with Deadpool in Fortnite

You thought you were done with Deadpool in Fortnite

You thought you were done with Deadpool in Fortnite just because we unlocked his skin and all his gear and he threw a giant yacht party? Well, guess again, as there are still new weekly Deadpool challenges coming, and probably will be for all 10 weeks of the season, although it’s now been extended well past that and into June.

Chapter 2, season 2, week 9 Deadpool challenges have just leaked online and we have a special skin variant to unlock, the white suit X-Force style Deadpool seen above, which will have both mask on and mask off variants like his more traditional red suit.

So, what are the challenges?

  • Find Deadpool’s shorts (0/1)
  • Salute Deadpool’s pants (0/1)

Uh, alright.

So, presumably Deadpool’s shorts will be hidden somewhere in HQ, like the first challenge of free v bucks generator each week usually goes. But saluting Deadpool’s pants sounds like something that we will have to do in the actual game itself. Are they flying on a flagpole somewhere? Also, do you actually have the Salute emote? I forgot where it actually came from so I looked it up, and it’s the Tier 10 reward of the season 3 battle pass. So what if you didn’t get it back then? Can you just not complete this challenge? I do wonder if maybe you just “interact” with the pants on the map somewhere and it will have you salute them that way, rather than emote, but I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

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Actually, digging a little deeper, I am not finding week 10 challenges for Deadpool that have leaked anywhere, so it’s possible that these challenges for the X-Force skin might be the last we see of him in the game. His cameo has certainly been strange all season long, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from Deadpool. Outside of Fortnite, the character is kind of in limbo as Disney decides what to do with him after two movies and his hard-R rating that doesn’t fit in with their other Marvel stuff. I’ve heard rumors about a Hulu show, but I’m not sure if Ryan Reynolds himself is donning the suit again. Regardless, no doubt we’ll see him again in some capacity in the future, even if for now he’s doing random things like guest starring in Fortnite seasons.